Mumford & Sons

Designing the ‘Wilder Minds’ Album Artwork


The brief was to develop Mumford & Son’s Wilder Mind album artwork whilst working closely alongside the art directors at Studio Juice. They had various rough sketches and it was my job to bring it to life.


Part of the project was to compile a large digital collage of exclusive shots of the band for the vinyl and cd artworks.
Artwork shown below.



I was given hundreds of photographs of neon tubing that had been bent and arranged in different ways. In photoshop I manipulated these to build a custom type for ‘Wilder Mind’ that was used across the entire campaign.


The album debuted #1 in UK and the USA selling millions of copies around the world. It was incredible to see some of my design work used across the globe especially when you walk past the billboards in the centre of London city.